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Unstuffed teddy bears. Build and stuff your own bears.
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10" Take Me Home and Stuff Me Bears

We supply all the parts and you build the bear. The lead time for order processing is 14 days.

The pricing above includes a one-color personalized t-shirt. You provide the high-resolution artwork for the imprint.

Choose from three bear colors: white, brown and coffee color.  These colors can be seen on Page 17.  Please contact the Sales Department to determine which colors are currently in stock.

These bears come unassembled and unstuffed. You stuff the bears yourself. No sewing needed.  No stuffing machine needed. Insert the fiber filling through the zipper located on the back of each bear. Place the fiber into the head, body, arms and legs. Close the zipper. Dress the bear with the shirt and you're finished.

Open zipper located on the back of each bear.   Closed zipper located on the rear of each bear. You can cut off the string on the zipper.

Fiber filling is inserted through the zipper.


Close the zipper and trim off the string.


The unzipped opening is approximately 4-1/2".

Our company offers two packaging options. All packages contain the animal skin, the stuffing, the heart and a Birth Certificate you can personalized for your animal.

Simple Packaging: Individually packed inside a polybag and sealed at the top. The individual parts are placed inside a polybag and sealed at the top with tape or a twist tie.

Bulk Packing: You will receive cartons containing the parts for each animal. You can place these bulk parts on a table for users to access. The parts are not individually packaged. This method is compact and allows for lower shipped cost.

Assembly Instructions (PDF)

- Unzip open the zipper located at the rear of the bear.
    - Unwrap and pull apart the stuffing.
    - Insert the stuffing into all areas of the bear through the opening in the rear zipper.
    - Insert the red heart into the chest area of the bear.
    - Zip closed the rear of the bear and cut-off the string attached to the zipper.
    - Dress the bear with the t-shirt.
    - Complete the Birth Certificate to name each bear.

All unstuffed bears are 10" tall. You can choose the shirt color and printing color(s). Please visit the Accessory Index to see the shirt colors we offer for size code STS. We also offer white shirts with colored sleeves.

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