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TShirt Bears. Personalized teddy bears wearing imprinted T-Shirts featuring your logo or slogan.
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  We offer elephants, frogs, pigs, cows, dogs, cats, monkeys, alligators, penguins, mooses, lions, tigers and sheep.
Hypoallergenic teddy bears and stuffed animals with embroidered eyes.

Thank you for visiting TShirtBears.com. We offer over 500 different styles of hypoallergenic personalized teddy bears and customized stuffed animals for promotional use. Looking to order teddy bears with custom printed t-shirts for your corporate event of school fundraising program? Using the artwork your provide, we can imprint your company logo or promotional slogan onto the front or rear of the t-shirt. If needed, you can order the t-shirts separately from the teddy bears. Many styles have embroidered eyes.

New Items due mid-June 2017 (click on any image below)

6" Softees stuffed animals with embroidered eyes. New item.

9" Jessie Teddy Bears with embroidered eyes in pink and brown colors. New Item.


10" Patty Pals Stuffed Animals with embroidered eyes.  New Item.

10 Patty Pals with embroidered eyes. New Item.


We invite your to browse our Online Catalog of personalized stuffed animals. Once you have decided upon which style of stuffed animal you want to order, please send us an email which includes your company information. Please indicate the item number of the stuffed animal your want to order along with the catalog page number for our reference. Feel free to send us your artwork for evaluation.

Do you want to buy unstuffed teddy bears that you can build? Our
Stuff A Bear Program offers unstuffed teddy bears you can assemble. Building bears is fun for parties, school fundraising, sports teams, corporate parties and promotional events. We provide the bear skin, filling, red heart and birth certificate. You build, dress and name the the bear yourself.

Single-color Imprint:  Our pricing includes the t-shirt or accessory with a standard one-color imprint.  Our standard imprint colors are
Red (PMS 185), white, blue (PMS 293) and black.  PMS color matching is $50.00 per color.

Multi-color imprint:  Looking for a stuffed animal with a printed photograph on the t-shirt?  Maybe you have a four-color process logo that you need printed onto the shirt. We offer
four-color process printing. This is useful for logos with multiple colors or logos with half-tones. Please add $0.62 to the catalog price.  We do not use PMS colors. We will do our best to print the colors from the artwork provided. Please email us your logo or picture for evaluation.


Koala Bear with multi-color imprinted t-shirt.       Shirts with a white colored background.


Multi-color imprints can only be printed onto a white background unless your order quantity is 500+ pieces. We offer white colored t-shirts with colored sleeves. Artwork for multi-color imprint can be 72 dpi.

Generally, most customers order t-shirts with a one-color imprint. All one-color artwork should be 300+ dpi. To learn more about the artwork requirements and/or software compatibility, please visit our
Artwork Guidelines and Information page.

You can mix and match t-shirt colors for your order at no charge. However, we cannot change the imprint color without creating a new screen. That new screen would require an additional screen charge. We suggest choosing a universal imprint color that will look good on all the shirts you order.

In addition to bears with t-shirts, we also offer printed accessories including hats, scarves and ribbons. If you order more that 1,000 pieces, we can manufacture your custom teddy bear, mascot or stuffed animal with your logo or slogan embroidered onto the front chest. Naturally, we are also happy to provide you with a large quantity of teddy bears with printed t-shirts. We have over 30 years of experience manufacturing stuffed animals. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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